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Why Pearl Holidays Nepal


  1. Customized trips since 2014
  2. An authorized Travel Company from the Tourism Board of Nepal
  3. Best pricing policy
  4. All kind of Tour Packages (Nepal, Bhutan and India)
  5. Very large social networking throughout the world
  6. Well experienced and Licensed Tour Guides
  7. Guaranteed safety and security
  8. Luxurious services (Accommodation and transportation)
  9. Flexibility in all kind of services
  10. Give more preference to customer feedback.
  11. Special seasonal discounts
  1. Customized trips since 2014: “Atithi Devo Bhava” Guest is a God is the main theme of Pearl. So, Pearl provides customized service to the Guest as per their requirement. Since 2014 this Agency is doing well in this field of Travelling, and highly concentrate on customer preference. Pearl is one of the best leading Tour company in Nepal that has been increasing its list of satisfied customers over an emerging period of 5 successful years.


  1. An authorized Travel Company from the Tourism Board of Nepal: Pearl has authorization to run the company from the Tourism Board of Nepal as being one of the legal members of Tourism Board. So, all the steps and activities are being taken under the law of Tourism Board which is very safe and satisfactory.


  1. Best pricing policy: Pearl Provides reasonable Tour packages to the Guest in order to explore various places inside and outside Nepal. As Pearl has gain good competitive advantage, provides discount and other special offers to the valuable Guest in this competitive market world.


  1. All kind of Tour Packages (Nepal, Bhutan and India): As Pearl provides customized service, it facilitates it’s Guest by providing all kind of Tour Package that the Guest wants. Formed by the very intelligent work team Pearl can create the package on the sport if it is desired by the customer.


  1. Very large social networking throughout the world: Pearl has been connected with the world through its website, Facebook page, Instagram, Viber, We-chat and Q/Q application, which makes easy convenience to the customers for asking about the trip and interacting with the Pearl team.


  1. Well experienced and Licensed Tour Guides: All Tour Guides belongs to Pearl Holidays are well experienced in the field of guiding and have owned License of Tour Guide from the Tourism Board. All the Guides of Pearl are familiar with the areas of sightseeing and have more knowledge about all the places.


  1. Guaranteed safety and security: We should not compromise on safety and security that is why with the help of full precautions and preplan Pearl starts trip of every customers. So, this creates safety of Guest in the entire Journey and compensate accordingly as per the contract if in case any incident happens. Also, our every Tour Guide carries first aid kits on their baggage on the duration of Tour. The company provides insurance facility.


  1. Luxurious services (Accommodation and transportation): Pearl provides qualitative and very Luxurious services the customers. This company keep the customer at five Star hotel, use vehicles having A/C, meal and snacks at good restaurant, and many more. Every traveler wants this kind of trip but due to the price constraints this facility cannot be get fulfilled. But Pearl will provide all the luxurious facilities to the customers with best price and at right time.


  1. Flexibility in all kind of services: Pearl is one of those travel agencies where services are being provided to the customers according to their demand and according to the time frame allocate by those respective customers. Incase of arrival and departure, Pearl send the Guide and at the rush hour like delay of aircrafts and all, the company handles all the responsibility of customer, this is non other than a flexibility.


  1. Give more preference to customer feedback: Customer feedback is the assets for every company from which the company gets chance to identify the weakness of their services and also helps to figure out the achievement/progress. Feedback is necessary for all the company to judge the performance quality and necessary steps to be taken furthermore.


  1. Special seasonal discounts: A seasonal discount is a discount which is offered on seasonal goods or services at a particular season. Pearl provides special discount to their valuable customers specially on off season when the flow of Guest gets decrease. Mostly the off season for the travel agency is monsoon. The company offers trip packages with very low rate in this season. 


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