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Our Fleet

Our fleets


Pearl transportation  service is the essential motif of our company. Pearl Holidays started its own transportation services with a mission to provide high quality and professional luxurious service in the tourism and hospitality industry. At present, we can affirm that our company is one of the renowned companies in the  tour companies in Nepal. We have our own superior and well maintained fleet land vehicles which include renowned vehicle Brands in Nepal.

Before incorporating the brand of vehicles to our company, we ensure to provide the best available resources to make your travel easier and provide highly professional and superior service. Also, we provide highly trained and professional drivers, who are wise enough to tackle situations under extreme emergencies.

Additionally, our silent features with the aim to provide superior services.

  • Our vehicle service includes Sedan, Cars,SUVs,minivans, Luxury coaster and Luxury coaches.
  • Routinely maintenance of vehicles
  • comfort/confidence to our customers that they are in safe hands.
  • Well trained staff and English speaking driver. 
  • 24×7 services.


Sedan Cars (Luxury)

  1. Skoda Rapid
    Luxury Holidays Nepal always provides the best quality services to its customers. For the comfort and easy transportation and drive of our guests, we have added a few sedans in the fleet. These sedans are always there to serve the best luxury to the passengers. Here is the list of our sedan luxury cars that are in operation to provide the qualitative luxury service to our guests.

    2. Toyota Corolla

    3. Ford Fusion

Luxury SUV's
Maybe the destination of our guest will be to the high land and far from cities. Sedans are not always suitable. Sometimes our destination may require the off-road and rough trails drive. For the best transportation in such a condition, LHN has few Sport utility vehicles for our guest’s convenience. We have the best SUVs to provide you best quality services.
1. Suzuki Breeza

2. Hyundai Creta

3. Renault Duster

4. Tata Nexon

  1. Hyundai Tuscon

    6. Hyundai KONA electric

Luxury Van/Jeep
For the rough drive in off-roads, Luxury Holidays Nepal has collected few Luxury Jeeps and Vans to make the rough trails easy travel. These vehicles will make your travel
comfortable and pleasurable whether what kind of road condition is. 
1. Byd Electric e3

2. Mahindra Scorpio

3. Toyota Hiace

Pick-up Van (Toyota Hilux)
Luxury Holidays equipped with luxury vehicles and Toyota Hilux is one of them. LHN wants to provide pleasurable travel, pickup, and drop facilities to its guests and clients. These motors will helpful while the luggage is too much.

Luxury Coaster
LHN has Large vehicles for the easy transportation of medium size groups. If visitors want to travel together and love group journeys, LHN will provide these vehicles.

Luxury Tourist Buses
The fleet of Luxury Holidays Nepal has few luxurious tourist buses for the pleasurable transportation of the guest and tourist. These facilitate buses will provide you great services and are really so comfortable as well. These buses are so good especially when you are in a large group and want to travel together in single vehicles.


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